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IP phone not showing up on the “VoIP Units Discovered” page

Why doesn’t my IP phone show up on the “VoIP Units Discovered” page of the Viking IP Programming application?

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The Viking IP phone should show up on the “discover” screen as long as the IP phone and the programming PC are plugged into a local area network (LAN), are both on the same subnet and VLAN and the IP phone is receiving POE power. If the programming PC and the IP phone are on the same subnet and VLAN, check the LED’s on the Ethernet jack of the IP phone. When properly powered and receiving data, the green LED will be lit steady and the yellow LED will be flashing. If these LED’s are not lit up properly and you know it is getting POE power from a compliant POE source, try replacing the Ethernet cable with another (known good) cable. A bad cable will often prevent the phone from showing up in the programming software.

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