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All IP Phones are registered, but none of them are calling out correctly

I have multiple Viking IP phones. All are registered with the SIP server properly (“SIP Registration Status” is registered and “Current Alarm Status” is idle) but none of the IP phones call out properly. Why not?

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First, go to the “Phone Settings” tab in the Viking IP Programming application and enable the “In-Band Audio Call Progress” feature on all IP phones (if not enabled already). That feature must be enabled in order for outgoing calls to ring properly with some phone systems or providers. If that is already enabled or enabling it doesn’t help, check to make sure each Viking IP phone has a distinct username and password. If all have the same username and password, remove the username and password from all phones but one (or temporarily disconnect all Viking IP phones except one). If the one remaining phone calls out properly, the phones having the same username and password is the problem. You may need to create sub-accounts for each IP phone with the provider or a separate user for each IP phone in the phone system.

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