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Trouble Programming AES-2000

There has been an AES-2000 installed at the front door of our apartment building for many years and we recently switched the telephone lines that provide phone service to the model PB-100 and the AES panel from telephone company lines to phone lines through a local cable company.Now I have trouble sending tenant changes from the programming computer to the AES-2000 after making that change.If I am able to get past the security code screen and click on “upload all”, it keeps trying to resend the data and eventually leads to a “retry limit” error message.Why am I no longer able to program the entry system?

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The model PB-100 used by the programming computer and the AES-2000 panel use analog modems to transmit and receive data back and forth.When you made the switch to the cable company phone lines, the phone lines to these modems are now using VIOP technology, which has introduced errors, omissions and delays in the modem data traveling between them.These errors, omissions and delays on the VOIP lines won’t affect a normal voice call but cause major problems with the modem data being sent between the PB-100 and AES-2000.You can try to contact the cable company provider and see if they can use a non-compressing codec like G.711 on the analog phone lines they are providing to the PB-100 and AES-2000.If that doesn’t help or proves futile, the only other option may be to switch back to phone company lines for the phone service to the PB-100 and AES-2000 panel.

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