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C-1000b call box stolen..

We have a c-1000b entry controller and it’s been connected to a Viking door phone for years and it’s been wonderful. However it seems some local teens may have needed the call box more than is as they literally stole it and pulled the post and all out of the ground. We’ve done the insurance thing and are in waiting mode. What can I do to the c-1000b in our phone room so that I can still at least pick up the phone and open the gates while sorting this out? Is there a way to rig a doorbell switch or something? It’s in analog mode. It holds the line open now. I had to unplug the power adapter to be able to get a dial tone. The gate is to far from house for a remote to reach and we don’t want to leave them standing wide open. Thanks in advance.

It would be possible to make this work but it is a little difficult because there will be some  programming needed to be done. I would call Tech Support at 715-386-8666 and speak with a Technician and explain your situation. 

Are the programming instructions located on the website? I programmed it the way it is to analog and other settings.. Thanks Jessie Odell

Sorry about the delay I forget to check the Forum for questions, usually the questions come in on the Helpdesk tickets. What you will need to do if you have programmed *5 you will need to get it back to factory default described on page 7 of the manual Accessing the Programming Mode Locally (When *5 has been programmed. When you get it back to default you will connect your phone line to "Doorbox 1, your phone to Line Out to Phones, and turn the "Talk Battery" switch to ON. You will have to press #1 to make a phone call to get Dial Tone but at the same time you could press ** to activate the relay.

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