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Programming E1600 on simulator?

We have been swapping a lot of elevator emergency phones over to dedicated cellular "lines" lately and we're running into a reoccurring problem.

If we program the E1600 units at the shop with our dedicated to this kinda thing POTS line, everything works beautifully. However, if we try to program the units when they're hooked up to the cellular units we're using out in the field, we get a corrupted entry for the emergency phone number to dial. Corrupted as in it seems to take the number right, but when we test it instead of dialing the number we entered it will dial a random number of random digits and we end up calling random people.

I'm assuming it's something to do with the cellular unit's tones, maybe compression, I don't know. What I do know is that we can't keep needing to take the E1600 units back to the shop for programming and "borrowing" a line in the building isn't professional.

My thought is to get a few Viking DLE-200B units for out in the field, and use butt sets to program the E1600 units through them. Does this seem like a viable solution, will we be able to program the E1600 units through these line simulators?

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Yes the DLE-200B will work for programming your E-1600A phones. There are a lot of people using the DLE-200B to program E-1600 phones for the same reason.

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