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CTG-2A Manual Continuous Alarms

Good day,

Our company has a CTG-2A we use to send scheduled, nightly alerts. We now want to be able to manually kick off an alarm in the event of a tornado, fire, etc. I am able to click the Audio button to manually play a .wav file, but we need it to loop. Is there a way to have a manual trigger/event play continuously? I didn't see anything intuitive in the Triggers area. Maybe I'm ignorant on the subject.

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On the triggers screen, there is a "play" field that determines how many times the selected wave file will play.  There is a choice for "CN" for the play count, when you want the wave file to continuously play until told to stop.  If using a momentary contact to start/stop it, set the "trigger" to "alt action", the "type" to "momentary" and "play" to "CN" (if you want continuous).

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