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PI-1A with ATA

We had a phone system with a page port but have since got rid of the phone system and now have a VOIP system with an ATA.  I purchased a PI-1A but it doesn’t seem to work with my ATA.  Any help?

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The PI-1A is only designed to work with a page port or a vacant trunk port, so your ATA would need to provide an FXO port to be compatible with the PI-1A.  If the ATA is only capable of supplying dial tone (FXS port), you would need a different product that is capable of auto answering the call from the FXS port.  We make other products that will work for that application like the RAD-1A or the FXI-1A. 

To make sure you purchase the correct product, contact our help line at (715) 386-8861 and they can assist you.

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