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Stop K-2000-DVA Beeps!

When the K-2000-DVA dials the paging code for our phone system, it plays the message over the paging speakers but there are also some beeps after the message.  Is there a way to get rid of these beeps?

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The K-2000-DVA is designed to call live people in the alarm dialer mode or play out through the 600 ohm audio output directly in to an amplifier in the store caster mode.  There is no way to eliminate these beeps through touch tone programming but there is special software that will eliminate these beeps in the alarm dialer mode.  The part number for this special software is “K2K-NBP” and this must be loaded into the unit here at the factory.  There is $5.00 charge to reprogram the unit with the special software.  For future orders, units can be ordered through authorized distributors with the special software already installed by ordering a K-2000-DVA and the K2K-NBP software as a second item.


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