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K-202-DVA Flashing

 At the company I work for we have a K-202-DVA.  It works fine for dialing out and playing a message but the LED continues to flash after we hang up.  Why does it continue to flash?  I assumed the LED would quit flashing once we have heard the message and hang up.

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The K-202-DVA still operates correctly if the LED is flashing.  This is a visual indication to let someone on site know the K-202-DVA was activated at some point.  When you answer a call from the K-202-DVA, if you were to dial a “9” during the message, this will make the LED stop flashing and reset the unit.  You could even structure the message to direct the person that answers to dial the “9” to reset the dialer.  Another option would be to connect a momentary switch to terminals 4 and 5 and pushing this switch would manually reset it to make the LED stop flashing.

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